Our core competence is the Private Cloud
Made in Germany

Data communication
and storage

With the “Managed Private Network” product, you can combine any number of servers to make your own VLANs in the data centre. A redundant and synchronous Internet network connection to DE-CIX Frankfurt am Main guarantees high-performance data exchange between your locations - optionally up to 10 Gbit/s.

Rent or purchase
servers and components
  • - virtual servers with dedicated ports

  • - dedicated 1- or 2-processor server systems

  • - dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN) systems

  • - all required network infrastructure components

Own servers and network components can also be implemented in the “Managed Private Network”.

Fast port speeds
and quick response times

All servers are physically connected to each other in the data centre. The dedicated ports are already confi­gured for the desired VLAN on the switches and servers. Port speeds of 1 Gbit/s to 32 Gbit/s in the C Class network are possible, with 254 private IP addresses.

With targeted applied redun­dancy, we can signi­ficantly reduce recovery and response times, particularly with our IT systems. This way, even if individual components fail, replace­ment compo­nents are immediately available to take over operation.



All-inclusive with the Managed Private Network

The “Managed Private Network” includes the usage right for your IT infra­structure in a 19” rack. Further­more, operation of the tech­nical infra­structure, power supply for the primary current, and use of the technical infra­structure of the data centre are included. Power consumption for the servers and network compo­nents, cooling, and cooling distri­bution are included.

The “Managed Private Network” is located in a specially designed dataXpert area of a Tier 3+ data centre in Frankfurt am Main (ISO 9001 certified and BSI/ISO 27001 certified).

Company data and data sovereignty

Data storage, data transfer, data encryption, and data protection all fall under the concept of data sovereignty.

We guarantee full data sovereignty for your company. We developed the “Managed Private Network” product for this purpose.

All readable company data and applications are stored exclusively on the company's servers in the data centre located in Germany.


There are two or optionally three additional storage locations in the “Managed Private Network”:

  • NAS-Speicher
    as an encrypted backup image file for disaster recovery (company data – databases – application configurations) on an allocated NAS storage in the “Managed Private Network” of the company - location data centre Frankfurt am Main
  • data cloud
    as a geo-redundant backup (company data - databases) - location in Germany.
  • Unternehmensdaten-Datenbanken
    as a second geo-redundant backup (company data - databases) encrypted and synchronised on a NAS server – location on site at the customer’s office or home office.

All encrypted data and backup files can only be read by the key holder. Backup files additionally require administration rights!

Network connection and Internet connection – World Wide Web – (Connectivity)

Carrier-neutral - carrier mix from global Tier 1 provider to regional provider (350+ carriers).

Redundant connection to DE-CIX Frankfurt am Main and thus a direct connection to international Internet exchange centres.

The cross-connects for the second band section in the data centre are implemented on dedicated, redundant marked-out lines.

The data centre connections between the data centre in Frankfurt am Main can be realised to other commercial data centres in the DACH region, which enables a Dual Hall concept.

Additional Internet connections from 10 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s synchronously can be booked for your location connections.

In conclusion, it has been established that taking the Cloud road is becoming increasingly more common for small and medium-sized companies. The high availability of IT systems and data is ensured through the use of efficient data centres that are also redundant.

Cloud models

Private Cloud - dataXpert

Operation for a company
Administration and data sovereignty by the company and/or its IT service provider e.g. dataXpert

Private Cloud - commercial providers

Operation for a company
Administration and data sovereignty by the company and/or its IT service provider as well as through global commercial companies.

Public Cloud

Availability to the public
Administration and data sovereignty through global commercial companies.

Hybride Cloud

Availability to the public or large industry groups
Administration and data superiority by global commercial companies.

Community Cloud

Availability to smaller groups of users or universities
Administration and data superiority by interest groups.

When selecting a Cloud provider, companies must ensure that the selected provider stores their data in Germany. Data sovereignty should be guaranteed for your company only, so that only you have access to your data! - we make this possible.

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+49 (0)69 740 909 0
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