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The data centre is manned by an armed security service 24/7. High-tech camera surveillance covering the outside systems as well as the entrance area and indoor systems ensure that no unauthorised persons enter the technical area. Non-contact chip cards with PIN, optionally with bio-metric tokens to access all inside doors, only allow authorised users to enter the data centre. Entrance locks, with security glass and steel walls in the entrance and exit areas, round off the thorough security concept.


Permanent power supply is ensured by a sophisticated redundancy concept made up of several power providers with multiple uninterrupted power lines. However, should the power ever fail, UV systems (uninterruptible power supply) ensure that important components are supplied with electricity until emergency power generators take over. Several emergency power generators were installed for stability. - Capacity of 36 hours when fully fuelled – Refuellable during operation - 24/7 contract for refuelling within 180 minutes.


The data centre is air-conditioned at full throttle according to the principle of N+1 redundancy. All air-conditioning modules have a standby compressor and are alternately supplied via a redundant cooling circuit (A and B). Each circuit has one running and one standby pump.

Fire protection

The early fire detection system continuously draws in room air samples from all over the data centre and analyses these samples for smoke particles. Even the tiniest quantities are detected, e.g. in smouldering fires caused by charred cables. This way, an alarm can be triggered even when no real fire has broken out yet.


The IP network is based on an optical transmission network, that can provide transmission capacities of several terabits per second by using the most advanced technologies. The connection to important IX locations (Internet Exchange) in Europe, Asia, and America enables dataXpert to carry out public peerings with all important IP carriers, ISPs and, content providers.


TÜV SÜD - TIER III test certificate TÜV SÜD-certified data centres in accordance with the TIER classification pursuant to TIA-942 G”/ ISO 9001 (data centre operation) Technical Facility Management for high availability data centres”/ ISO 27001 (data centre operation) Based on IT-Grundschutz (IT Baseline Protection), Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)” / ISO 50001 (data centre operation) Energy management - requirements with instructions for application"/ ISO 9001 (data centre security) Planning, construction, and maintenance of security systems as well as conception and implementation of security services, including the operation of an emergency call control centre with an intervention centre"/ VdS-C according to VdS 2153 (FRA1) Emergency call and control centre (NSL) with VdS-recognised intervention centre (IS)”

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dataXpert GmbH
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+49 (0)69 740 909 0
+49 (0)69 740 909 79
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