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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Maintenance and further development of your IT infrastructure and communication server. We manage all affiliated company locations and IT systems.

Data security for your company data. We implement and document all important security measures in the IT corporate structure.

24/7 monitoring of your server and network systems. With immediate notification in the event of critical system errors or unusual activities in the IT company network.

Quick response times and constant availability. So that your company remains functional at all times. All system-relevant operating data are documented.

Personal IT advice and IT planning. You collaborate with an IT service technician over the entire service period. He knows what challenges you face and works together with you to develop and implement IT solutions.

IT review and IT analysis in accordance with the BSI guideline. For more security, we offer you a review in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamtes für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI)).

Professional Service Desk (ITIL)

We are your interface between IT technology provider and customer. All measures for the operation of your IT infrastructure and communication channels are handled and successfully processed by our Service Desk.

IT support and service call for quick solutions. Our IT specialists for system integration advise you on the phone, via remote maintenance, or also come to you.

We install and configure IT systems, telephone systems, and network connections. On site, at your locations, and in the data centre.

IT projects and IT migrations at any time. IT measures can also be implemented outside of business hours and on weekends.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

IT networks and server resources on site or in the data centre. We can provide you with virtual servers, dedicated servers, all the way to complex Storage Area Network (SAN) systems.

Customised server, software, and interim solutions. We implement infrastructure in our data centre or existing IT systems at your location.

Migration by means of modern virtualisation technologies. Your software and server systems can be migrated 1 to 1 very quickly to our data centre.

Recurring IT services at calculable and scalable prices. This includes IT support, IT services, server services, network services, storage space, IT security, applications, virtual private networks, and much more.

New hardware and software for your company. Servers, workplaces, office infrastructure, telework stations, and mobile IT end devices can be rented, leased, or purchased by you - and managed by us.

The investments are determined and calculated individually for each customer. This way, you get future-proof IT. With a personal service technician, quick response times, and the latest IT resources

IT solutions
for modern enterprises

Server – Storage systems (SAN)

Modern servers and infrastructure for communication are the heart of your company. We deliver data security, data sovereignty, cost control, flexibility, and performance – no matter the location.

Network – Client systems (LAN)

Terminal session (remote desktop session) is a virtual workplace for people who work in the corporate network, in their home office, or remotely. You can access your data and applications flexibly and securely them at any time, at any location, and with any IT end device.

Data communication, data storage, and processing power take place exclusively on your own servers in the data centre or at your location.

IT security – Mobility (VPN)

Terminal-compatible client systems have no data storage and are inexpen­sive to purchase and main­tain (single-board computers). They only represent a remote desktop display and guaran­tee access to your company appli­cations as well as centrally encrypted data storage.

Company data and appli­cations are not processed or stored on the customer systems or laptops of the field staff. Your existing work­station compu­ters and laptops can be confi­gured as termi­nal-compatible client systems.

Data communication regardless of location through the Internet. Data from your company locations can be made available globally through mobile IT devices or desktop computers.

Encrypted SSL, VPN, or MPLS connec­tions over the Internet allow users to access their own virtual network using a static IP address, VPN client, VPN tunnel, and two-factor authentication; at any time, at any location, and with the highest level of security.

The IT security faci­lities required today cannot be imple­mented organi­satio­nally by small and medium-sized companies. We ensure your existence through an IT solution that is both cost-effective and flexible.

IT technology concepts
for automated business processes

Private Cloud Computing (PaaS)

Total focus on your core business. Instead of operating server and IT systems in-house, these are self-supporting and made available to you in the data centre.

Server and network resources, data storage and computing power are available redundantly. The technical basis of our private cloud computing is self-sufficient virtual private networks, dedicated servers, virtualisation and fibre-optic networks up to 10 Gbit/s.

Virtualisations in the Cloud allow us to generate specific services dynamically and accurately when they are needed.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (DaaS)

More flexibility for your employees. You can log in from any device, anywhere, as long as the Internet is available. The devices range from a tablet to a PC or light client with multiple monitors in your office or home office. It does not matter whether it is a Windows, Mac or Linux client. You always have the same desktop environment.

More security for your company data. Since there are no files on your device, a lost laptop is no longer a security risk. Your company data are automatically saved centrally.

Less effort and uncomplicated outsourcing. Because a terminal server takes over all the work, only this one device needs proper care and maintenance. This avoids high service costs and hardware investments for high-performance workstation computers. The location and maintenance of the terminal server can be on site or in the data centre.

Dynamic data centre (IaaS)

For software manufacturers: You and your customers can use a complete solution for software from the Cloud. Concentrate on the further development and marketing of your software solutions. We supply the necessary IT environments.

For IT consultants: With complex projects and location structures in the field of IT infrastructure, VoIP communication, and server housing. We develop solutions for operators of office spaces or coworking spaces, shopping centres, golf courses, chain stores, and many more.

For IT service providers: We offer you highly available and operational IT resources in the data centre. All servers can be freely configured. You have complete data sovereignty for your customer servers.

Open Source Software (OSS)

Open Source Software will play a significant role in the IT infrastructure and in the optimisation of business processes in the future - we are preparing for this. Say goodbye to expensive licensing costs.

IT infrastructure is subject to constant change. We are neutral, objective, and ready to manage the change with you. Together, we will develop an IT strategy that meets your require­ments of today and of the future.

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